Support Ugandan Rape victims. Feed a hungry family. Prenatal & Maternal help


Teach me empathy

We teach nurses and midwives in this program on how to care for pregnant women in a courteous manner and how to maintain a good relationship with the expectant women, which allows them to follow up after delivery.

We teach families and health workers on how to care for someone who has lost a baby as part of this program.

At the Kayden shelter, we offer them with a safe atmosphere while they heal. When we are in the shelter, we provide counselling services.


As a foundation, we provide counselling to rape victims, women who have had miscarriages or new natal deaths, and teens who have had early pregnancies.

A lot of young adolescent children have difficulty speaking with anybody after being raped because they are afraid of being ostracized; this has resulted in an increase in HIV infections owing to a lack of understanding about HIV infection prevention after rape.

We provide free counselling to the girls and assist those who become pregnant.


Kayden International Foundation was established in 2018 and legally registered in Uganda in June 2018 as a corporation limited by guarantee constituted with limited liability, which was then recognized as an NGO in 2020.

Harriet, our Founder, went through a difficult period in 2018 after suffering a still birth since she had no one to talk to about what she was going through. She observed a big need for women in Uganda who were in similar situations. During her stay in Uganda, she saw that something was frequently missing when it came to moms and young girls. She wanted to create a safe space where people could open up and express their feelings with someone.
Since then, we’ve been trying to spread optimism among women and adolescent girls in the communities.

Values: We have values that will help us fulfill our purpose.
Professionalism. Integrity.
Transparency. \sSolidarity.



We know that by accepting diversity, actively including a diverse range of perspectives, and working together, we can tackle the world’s most difficult challenges.


We aim for combined action and collaboration whenever our purpose requires it, and we stand with and for other NGOs and CSOs when they confront problems in their work.


We continue to support the most vulnerable living in Kampala but there is still so much more that can be achieved. Get involved and together we can help reduce poverty and give the best chance in life to those who need it most.


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